CLEP Equivalencies

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Below is a list of credit equivalencies for CLEP credit by subject examination.

The College Entrance Examination Board has developed a testing program called the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP). These examinations are essentially end-of-course tests developed for widely taught undergraduate courses. The minimum scaled scores shown below are for the CBT version of the CLEP. The University of Miami's CLEP code is 5815.

CLEP Testing:

University of Miami CLEP Policies:
  • CLEP policies and tests are reviewed annually. Any change in CLEP policies shall become effective at the beginning of the academic year. Policies in effect on the date a University of Miami student takes the exam will apply. 
  • Transfer student CLEP scores will be evaluated using policies in effect on the date of the evaluation by University of Miami staff. 
  • Students planning to enroll as freshman at the University of Miami may submit CLEP scores; however, credit will be awarded pending registration at the University of Miami.
  • The University of Miami does not grant credit for CLEP General Examinations. 
  • CLEP credit may not duplicate courses previously attempted at the college level, unless approved by the college or school which the student is enrolled in cooperation with the department awarding the credit. 
  • CLEP credit may not be used to fulfill the University's residency requirement; however, such credit may be earned while the student is enrolled in the courses needed to meet the final 45 credit-hour requirement
  • A maximum of 60 credits may be applied toward a University of Miami degree from external examination programs such as CLEP or Advanced Placement (AP).
  • Each college or school will determine which of the examinations may be used to meet its distribution requirements. Therefore students are encouraged to discuss CLEP with an academic advisor to determine the possible impact of these examinations on their particular course of study.

American Government

Scaled Score (Min) UM Course Credit
56 POL 201 3

Human Growth and Development

Scaled Score (Min) UM Course Credit
63 PSY 230 3

Principles of Macroeconomics

Scaled Score (Min) UM Course Credit
62 ECO 212 3

Principles of Microeconomics

Scaled Score (Min) UM Course Credit
64 ECO 211 3

Introductory Psychology

Scaled Score (Min) UM Course Credit
59 PSY 110 3