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Below you can find a list of additional scholarships available to incoming first-year and transfer students as well as external scholarship resources.

Additional Scholarships

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  • Athletic Scholarships

    The University of Miami Hurricanes are members of the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC), NCAA Division I. Athletic Scholarship information can be found by contacting the appropriate University of Miami coach.

    Visit the Hurricane Athletics website for more information. You could also check out our Athletics and Recreation FAQs for additional information.

  • Music Scholarships

    The Stamps Ensemble Scholarship is an elite four-year scholarship offered to a select group of incoming first-year students each year to form specific chamber ensembles. These full-tuition, on-campus-housing, and meal-plan scholarships are only available to full-time music majors. Merit and talent-based, they are awarded on ability as demonstrated through live audition. There is no separate scholarship application.

    Visit the Frost School of Music Scholarships and Financial Support page for more information.

  • National Merit Scholarships

    The National Merit Scholarship Program is an academic competition for recognition and scholarships for high school students. National Merit finalists who are accepted and name the University of Miami as their first choice may receive a $1,000 or $2,000 college-sponsored National Merit Award. A student will only be awarded the maximum amount if their demonstrated need is greater than $2,000.

  • Venture Miami Scholarship

    The Venture Miami Scholarship Fund was formed to provide tuition support for first-year students through gap funding for in-need City of Miami residents who have been admitted into STEM or in demand occupation programs. Venture Miami is committed to building a “Miami Forever” and a “Miami For Everyone”. 

    Established in early 2021 by Mayor Francis Suarez, Venture Miami is an office within the City of Miami that has a mission statement to make Miami the "capital of capital" with an innovative finance and technology ecosystem that delivers for everyone. 

    Applications are now open! Click here to learn more.

    >>Scholarship eligibility and information

Additional Resources

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  • Outside Scholarship Opportunities

    We encourage all of our students to seek additional outside scholarship opportunities to finance their University of Miami education. We recommend looking to community organizations and foundations or accessing the following search engines:


  • Recipients of Outside Scholarships

    If you are a recipient of an outside scholarship, you are required by the U. S. Department of Education to notify the Office of Student Financial Assistance and Employment (OSFAE). Please submit all information from the scholarship agency to the OSFAE as soon as the student is made aware of the award. Please use the Outside Scholarship Documentation Submission Form to report this information. 

    Please send all outside scholarship checks to:

    University of Miami
    P.O. Box 025551, Location 20
    Miami, FL 33102-5551

    In the event that your financial aid award, including outside scholarships, exceeds the total cost of attendance, University funds may be adjusted to ensure that the total aid does not exceed the cost of attendance.  You may check with the Office of Student Financial Assistance and Employment when receiving awards from outside agencies to find out the full impact of the outside scholarships on your University financial aid award package. Never assume that your original financial award will remain the same if such awards are added. We reserve the right to modify any financial aid award at any time due to changes in eligibility or new information received by the OSFAE. Visit our Terms & Conditions page for additional information.