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As a transfer applicant, you are required to submit a College Report from every U.S. post-secondary institution you have attended as a degree-seeking student. This is one component of our holistic review process that provides context of your educational and disciplinary standing at your previous institution(s).

The College Report must be completed and submitted directly to the University of Miami by a college official who has access to both your academic and disciplinary information. Usually, this form is submitted to us by an official in the Dean of Students or Conduct office at your school. This item is different from the academic transcript. The college official may submit the completed form by email to

Keep in mind that like other supporting documents, the college report must be sent through official channels. This means that it must be sent directly from your college/university to UM. Any self-submitted college report will not be considered official and therefore will not satisfy the application checklist requirement. 

College Report


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